The Business Encounter

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The Business Encounter

All I have to say is that I love to get my pussy eaten”My first encounter was when I was about 18 years old”My mother's /friend/best-friend/">best friend's /daughter/">daughter and I had a sleep over at here house and she started telling me about a porno that she found under her mother's bed.

”There was two girls and they were licking each others body parts”you want to see it?” ”Sure!”

Therefore, we went to her mother's room and retrieved the tape. The cover looked so raunchy. Melinda popped the tape into her VCR and that's where it all began”I started getting this warm feeling all over me and it felt so wrong but I didn't want to stop. My eyes were glued to the screen.

Eventually, I looked to my right and found Melinda rubbing on her privates through her nightgown. She looked over to me”
”Do you want me to lick you like that? Don't say no because I really want to do it and I know you want to try it”you don't even have to do it to me.”
”Are you sure? Only do it if you really want to.”

Without any words, full hd xvideo download Melinda spread my legs apart for me and slid my panties down my legs. The moment her tongue met with my pussy I promise my pussy ignited a fire. It felt GREAT!!! Let us just say that throughout all these years of head that I have received that was the best.

After that experience I always needed my pussy eaten”I was addicted”I am addicted.

Now I am the President of my own corporation, single and looking. I am 35 years old and I am in need of some good head. I know my two mail carriers John and Brenda bang all the time in the supplies closet. One time I watched Brenda give John and the security guard head in the garage. I almost came all over myself without even touching myself. They came all over her breast and on her face. I felt like I wanted to do the same to her but moreover the guys deserved that treatment too!

John brought my mail to my office as usual but on this particular day I made sure I had my blouse off so my 40Ds were in good vision for him to see. He walked in stopped in his tracks”he was staring.

”Why don't you come in or just take a picture”completely up to you John.”

He chose to come in which for some reason aroused me.

”You like the view?”
”Yes ma”ams Ms. C, wish I could see more.”
”Oh really John, you”d like to see more well let me ask you sweetie”have you ever eaten a black woman's pussy?”
”No ma”am but I sure would like the chance.”
”Well if you bring Brenda Felton here tonight before you get off then maybe we can arrange for something to happen.”
”Yes ma”am Brenda's always talking about eaten pussy Ms. C and I'm sure she”d like to your pussy”can I just taste your pussy so I can tell her how good it is?”
”Come here.”

I sat down in my chair and lifted my skirt up. I had already taken my panties for this occasion. John got down to his knees in a hurry and began to lick my pussy to multiple orgasms. I guess the anticipation got to me. He began around my clitoris, sucking it as if it was a mini penis as he fingered me with on hand and fondled my breast with the other. When he got up from the floor, he had cum all over his face. It was ridiculous because of the childish smile he had on his face.

After that I waited impatiently for 5 o”clock to come or shall I say cum. At exactly 5:06, there was a door knock.

”Come in”
”Yes, John told me to come here at five'sorry I'm a little late. He should be here in a little bit. I'm Brenda.
”I know who you are. Did he tell you why you”re here?”
”No, he just told me to come and he'll be here in a little.”
”Hmm, ok well that's fine.”
”Well I'm just going to be straight with you. I know that you guys have sex in this building during business hours and I wanted to talk to you about that.”
”I don't know””
”I know you don't know what to say but you can make up for it.”

Another knock at the door” ”Come in.”

It was John.

”Hey John I was just about to tell your colleague here about how you all can make up for what you have done. Anyway, Brenda”you seem as if you have a tongue that could make my toes curl and I would like to try it out on my pussy if you don't mind. John has informed me that you may like to do so.”
”Oh my goodness”YES! I”ve fantasized about eating your pussy as I bend you over your desk. I want to suck on your breast and then run my tongue down your tight stomach. Then lick your waiting pussy to /ecstasy/">ecstasy.”
”I want to join in on you two ladies. I did bring you together.”
”John your use free porn movies download will come in time. Don't you worry. But Brenda come here I'm ready for my close up.”

Brenda and began to roughly kiss each other. As she rubbed on my breast I felt my pussy begin to throb intensely waiting for my pussy and her tongue to meet and greet. She's young around 24 so her body is very nice and in shape so I'm going to enjoy this sexual escapade. She slowly unbuttoned my blouse”unsnapped my bra and placed my erect nipple in her mouth. I looked over to John and found he was glued to what was going on before him. By this time, he was unzipping his fly. Brenda stopped playing around and bent me over my desk like she said she wanted and began licking my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass frantically like she had done this before. Whatever the case it was great. I looked back over at John to find his erect member in his hand. It was so thick and a nice length. I felt an urge to suck his dick. I motioned for him to come over to me. He came just close enough for me to lick the pre cum from his head.

”John come fuck her pussy and cum deep inside her so I can eat her out again and taste your cum and her cum mixed together.”

John ran behind me to get this chance. He slowly placed his dick deeper and deeper inside my slippery /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. My pussy contracted around his dick and I came the hardest I had ever cum in my life. I guess this would come before Melinda these days.

He couldn't help but cum from all this excitement. Brenda pushed him out of the way and began to eat my pussy like there was no tomorrow. The good thing is”we”re doing this tomorrow at my place!