A sexy surprise

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A sexy surprise

I was sitting in the bar after a hard day?s work at the conference looking forward to xxx a couple of drinks then a good night?s sleep and a late start tomorrow when she caught my eye. She walked in and took a seat on the other side of the bar, sliding her curvy figure onto the barstool. She was absolutely /gorgeous/">gorgeous, tall (almost as tall as me), with olive skin and shoulder length dark hair. 

Her make-up and jewellery were understated but classy, adding further to her allure. She was dressed in a tight black cocktail dress, accentuating the curves of her ass and breasts. Her legs were encased in black fishnet stockings and ended in a pair of sexy black heels. I was idly thinking about whether I should make a move when the issue was decided for me ? she looked in my direction and flashed me a brilliant smile. With such encouragement, I couldn?t get out of my chair fast enough! I was over in a flash offering her a drink. We exchanged small talk and the attraction was obvious. She was turned towards me making sure I had an excellent view of her body as she sat. Occasionally, she would lean towards me or brush against me in a way that promised much to come. I was attentive to her needs, complimenting her on her dress and her hair, making sure her drink was full ? she lapped up the attention.

Finally, I made my move, suggesting we head up to my room for a nightcap. 

?You?re not trying to get me in bed are you?? she said, a teasing smile on her face.
?Could you blame a man for trying?? was my reply, my own smile betraying my intentions.
I carried on. ?Seriously, I would love to spend the night with you as would any man. You?re smart, sexy and absolutely gorgeous. I?d be /crazy/">crazy not to try?.
She blushed at that and I knew I?d hit the spot.

?I?d love to come up with you. In fact, I?ve been waiting for you to ask?.
I walked behind her on the way to the lift, taking in the opportunity to gaze at her fabulous ass. She knew I was looking and she gave it a little waggle ? she was definitely aware of her sexuality and my cock twitched in anticipation. 

As I unlocked my door, she suddenly stopped. She checked both ways to make sure the hallway was empty. 
?I really like you but I?d better let you know something first,? she said.

I was surprised, not knowing what she meant and not really knowing what to say. Finally she just showed me. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her crotch. My /surprise/">surprise was now obvious. Under my hand was a hard, throbbing cock! I was briefly disoriented as I considered my response.

?I know it?s a surprise but I really hope you?ll still want me to come in. I can promise you a night to remember,? she said. The devilish glint was back in her eye. 
Fuck it. My own cock was like a steel bar. I threw caution to the wind. I?m an open-minded guy ? why not? 

Her relief was palpable and with a musical giggle she was pulling me inside my room. Finally, we embraced. Her kiss was exquisite, warm and wet, her tongue probing and interlocking with mine. I could feel her breasts and her cock pressing against me. My own cock was rock-hard, bursting at the seams of my pants as it bumped and ground against hers. She stepped back and I watched as she lifted her dress over her head. She slipped her bra off and I marvelled at her full breasts before leaning towards her and helping her out of her panties while leaving her stockings and heels on. I just about came when I caught the first glimpse of her cock springing out from within the confines of the silk. Her body was as good as I?d expected, all the sensuality of a woman plus a hard 6-inch cock jutting out under her belly. I was seized with a desire to suck it ? I dropped to my knees in front of her and took it in my hands, gently squeezing and stroking it, feeling the pulsing warmth beneath my fingers. At my touch she groaned in pleasure.

?Fuck, that feels so good. I?ve been wanting you to touch my cock almost since I first saw you,? she said.
I looked up into her eyes, her cock inches from my mouth. Pre-come was oozing from the head. 
?Do you want me to suck it sweetheart? Do you want me to suck your cock??
?Oooh yes, please, suck it. I want you to suck my cock,? she groaned.

I took it in my mouth, and began moving up and down on it in a way I thought would be pleasurable. It seemed to be working as her moans increased. I was amazed at how good it felt to have her cock in my mouth. The combination of softness and hardness was bewitching. I reached my hand between my legs and began to pull on my own 7-inch member. Her come was salty, very different from anything I?d tasted before. I took it out of my mouth and licked up and down the shaft, looking up towards her as I did so. She was looking down at me now and the sight of my mouth on her cock obviously excited her. Again, she moaned and her hips began to move in a thrusting motion, seeking my mouth once more. I paused to swirl my tongue over the head then pulling away, creating glistening strands of come that /hung/">hung between my lips and her cock. I knew this must look fucking hot and I was revelling in the sheer eroticism of the situation. Finally, I slipped her cock back between my lips and she began to slowly fuck my mouth. I could almost feel her orgasm brewing but she stopped me, obviously wanting to prolong the pleasure.

?It?s your turn,? she said.

I had worked my pants down around my ankles by then and she now helped me to finish disrobing. She ran her hands over me savouring the muscles on my chest and arms and bending over to take first one, then the other nipple in her mouth. Then she moved me over to beside the bed where she inexplicably lifted one of my legs to rest on the side of the bed. This had the effect of really opening my legs up, for reasons that were soon to become obvious. 

She took my cock in her hands and pumped it, then teased me, running her tongue over the head. Then she was sucking it whole, taking it deep into her throat. I was taking in the sight, watching her naked body writhe as her head bobbed up and down on my cock and her hand pulled on her still rock-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. After a few moments, she shifted position slightly allowing her tongue access to my balls and ass. The feeling of her tongue on my ass was incredible. By positioning my leg on the bed, my ass cheeks were opened to allow her greater access. The first touch of her tongue had me reaching behind to further spread my cheeks ? it felt so good, I wanted more. Her flexibility was outstanding ? she was kneeling before me but somehow managing to twist around and under me. She was alternating between my ass, balls and cock in a way that had me very close to orgasm, very quickly. 

She must have sensed my building explosion. 
?Hold on baby, the best is yet to come,? she murmured then her mouth was back fully on my cock. Her hand reached around and I felt her finger probing around the entrance to my ass. I tensed, knowing what was coming. Her tongue action had left my ass well lubricated with saliva and her finger slipped into me easily. She left it there briefly, almost to get me used to its presence and then started pushing it in and out. 

I lost it. It was all I could do to grunt a warning then my cock exploded. Come jetted out over her. She handled it like a pro, alternating between hand and mouth, spraying come over her breasts then taking some in her mouth. The resulting tableau was so hot looking, it served to keep me semi-hard after my orgasm subsided. I pulled her up beside me and kissed her on the porn videos download mouth, savoring the taste of my juice. Her come-sticky breasts pressed against me and, unbelievably, my cock was responding. Already I wanted more! 

?Now it?s your turn,? I said, ?I liked the feeling of your finger in my ass. Do you want to fuck me??
Her eyes lit up. ?I?d /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck a stud like you. The thought of my cock sliding between your ass cheeks drives me wild.?

Again we embraced and kissed, hard, our tongues intertwining and merging. Both our cocks were now steel-hard and our hands were all over each other. We parted briefly while I went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of lube. I took her hand and led her over the desk, above which a large mirror hung on the wall. We kissed once more then she was turning me around and placing my hands on the back of a nearby chair. We were side-on to the mirror so we could glance to our left and take in the scene that was to come in all its glory. Her knee pushed between my legs, forcing them apart. At the thought of what was to come my cock stood straight up proudly. My ass cheeks were parted then her tongue was lapping at me. The feeling was exquisite! The area between my ass and balls were now soaking with her saliva. My hand was on my cock, stroking but she knocked it away, replacing it with her own. Finally she stood and the cool lube was been smeared all over me. The slipperiness of the lube and her hands on my ass was delightful, heightening my anticipation further. Then I felt her cock pressing at the entrance to my ass. In her heels she was the perfect height for the act that was to follow. I reached my hand around, trying to spread my cheeks further but struggling to find purchase on the slippery surface. She didn?t need it though. Her hands were firm on me and then I felt her cock pushing into me. There was some initial pain but then the head slipped past my ring-hole and her cock slid into me. Intense pleasure flooded through me. I was pushing my ass towards her, straining to take in every inch. She stopped as if to gather herself, then started up a steady rhythm of thrusting. She was fucking me beautifully and we were soon both crying out in pleasure. I looked to the side to see us in the mirror; she looked gorgeous, her firm breasts swaying as her hips thrust in and out. Her cock glistened as her juices mingled with that of the lubricant.

She reached the point of no return.
?Baby, I?m going to come!? she exclaimed.
I wanted to taste her juices. ?I want you to come in my mouth?.

That pushed her over the edge. She whipped her cock out and spun me around. I dropped to my knees and she was pushing her cock in my mouth. My hands and mouth were all over it as her come exploded out of her. Her groan of pleasure was long and loud as her come jetted into my mouth and over my lips. I continued until every last drop was sucked out of her. Her knees were weak now and she sank beside me on the floor. She pushed me back and her head was between my legs. Again, her expert tongue drove me crazy as she sucked my hard cock. Her finger once again probed my ass, slipping easily into my well-lubed hole. Her face was tilted towards me so I had a great view of my cock sliding past her ruby red lips. Her eyes were on mine ? I could see the hunger she had for my come. 
At the sight, my cock started to rumble.

?Oh God, I think I?m going to come,? I panted.

The thought seemed to spur her on and her pace increased. As the /climax/">climax approached, my ass was off the floor and thrusting into her mouth. My cock exploded and the pent-up juices flooded her mouth. This time she sucked up almost every drop apart from some that escaped in a dribble from the corner of her mouth.
We were both fucked ? in more ways than one! It was all we could do to crawl into bed, nestle up beside each other, naked bodies fitting snuggled together, and slip off into a dreamless sleep.