luscious cupcakes

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luscious cupcakes

Candy loved cupcakes . she loved how they looked and smelled and tasted they where so she thought. They smelled so delicious she loved cupcakes she also sold cupcakes. She would make them and sell them , she had her own cupcake bakery it was called sweety cakes , she had cupcakes picts on her wall of all kinds of cupcakes you could buy pineapple cupcakes ,strawberry cupcakes , lemon cupcakes, key lime cupcakes there where so many different kinds .

She had someone want some of her cupcakes , so she went to go deliver her special delicious cupcakes she put the cupcakes in a pink box and put then in her van to be delivered , she came to a home that was neat middle class home what a nice house she thought it was pretty compared to her tiny small old apartment, she didnt have alot of money she was real forced anal against her will starting her first business so she didn't have a lot left over for goodys but she was hoping her cupcake business would go good and then she would take her first to las vegas once she had some money saved up .

As she got out of her cherry red van she was wearing a nice blue top that said sweety cakes and wearing a cute with cherry red high heels on and her red cherry hair was in a bun. She loved cupcakes and she wanted to look nice for her customers she had taken a shower in a soap that smelled like cupcakes and put on some body spray that smelled just like cupcakes.

She got the box out of the van and carried it to the door a answered the door his name was devon ,I brought the cupcakes you ordered oh great he said bring them in. she went in to his house she set the cupcakes on the table as she bent over he could see her boobs he pretended not to have seen them she said let me show you what you got I want to make sure you got the ones you ordered she said.

She took the pineapple cupcakes out of the box and she took of her shirt and rubbed some of the creamy pineapple frosting on one of her nipples it was so soft and creamy would you like to try some she said o yes he said I love pinapple cupcakes he took his tongue and sucked on her nipples tasting the yummy frosting then xnxxv sunny leone video she took out the strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting and rubbed the strawberry frosting on her nipples he put his tongue on her boobs and nipples and licked it off of her boobs which one do you like she said I love them both devon said , she then took her finger and tasted the frosting and licked the frosting of her fingers I love frosting she said so do I he said.

He then got excited and he began to masturbate and he rubbed his till he came and he came on the cupcakes as she watched o wow she said i didnt see that cumming there was cum on the cupcakes yummy she said and she grabbed a cupcake with cum on it and she ate the cupcake with cum on it even yummier with cum she said licking her lips and fingers cum was on her face and mouth I like the cupcakes he said and she said nice will i am leaving she said and he said thank you. She left his house got into her van and though o yes another satisfied customer.