Slick Cum Contest

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Slick Cum Contest

Jill and I had a masturbation contest with Jimmy and Ann last night.

We'd all had way too much to drink and the conversation had drifted to wanking and different ways to do it. Soon Jim and I were bragging about how long we can keep it up and how far we can shoot. Ann rolled her eyes like she's heard it all a million times before. Jill, however, was more engaged. I could see her nipples swelling against the nylon cup of her bra and making very noticeable points in the front of her blouse.

I was surprised when Jill quickly challenged Jimmy, saying that she could blow his load before Ann could even begin to get me off, claiming she was the "jack-/master/">master," whatever that means. To my /surprise/">surprise Ann began to goad me to participate in a contest. It was almost like they'd planned this from the beginning.

Anyway, I quickly stripped to my white silk briefs while Jimmy got down to his /underwear/">underwear. I hadn't guessed him for the type, but when he turned around I saw that he had a small wedge of cream-colored nylon covering his crotch and a thin strap running up hit butt. Jimmy was a thong man!

My cock was swelling and was very visible to the others because I usually remove the inside "modesty panel" from my underwear so bokep sma pecah perawan that it clings nicely to my cock and feels more /sensual/">sensual against my balls. I could see that Ann had noticed, in fact her eyes were fixed on my dick, whereas Jimmy couldn't take his eyes off my wife's turgid nipples.

He suggested that the /women/">women strip to their underwear and they quickly did so. Jill had on a white underwire bra with soft nylon cups, a little heavier than the fabric of pantyhose, but the same sort of stuff and tight white satin tap pants. Her 36" C cups looked magnificent in the lamplight and I could see Jimmy licking his lips while his fingers twitched--he was so excited to get his hands on her!

I reached into my briefs to re-arrange my seven and a half inches as I turned to see how Ann looked and was pleased to see she had no bra on under her sweater. Her smallish tits had very erect nipples that stood straight out from her breasts and were almost an inch long. She smiled at me as she pinched the base of her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and said in a sultry voice "are you ready to squirt there, /boy/big-boy/">big boy?"

Ann and Jill each went for the bottle of olive oil on the table at the same time, and Jill got there first, barely. She upended the bottle into her right hand just as Ann crashed into her, splashing the stream of oil down her stomach onto her panties which instantly became transparent. Now everyone could see that Jill keeps her pussy smoothly shaved for me.

Jill handed the bottle of oil to Ann and went after Jimmy's dick with her slick fingers. Instead of oiling up her hands, or my cock, Ann upended the bottle and poured olive oil all over her breasts and began to rub them. Her little titties were glistening in the light as she approached me, saying "I want you to fuck my oily tits with your /dick/big-dick/">big dick, so whip it out and let's go!

She didn't have to encourage me any more and I leapt at her, pressing my cock to her chest and rubbing by ball sack all over her slippery breasts. My silk briefs, like Jill’s panties, were instantly transparent and as I pulled away to get a better angle on her tits, Ann could see that my pubic hair is shaved too. Jimmy! Stevie's got a bald cock, she squealed. But I could see that Jimmy was more interested in what Jill was doing to his dick with her hands. She had one oily hand holding the base of his shaft and the second was stroking rapidly up and down his cock. Jill's mouth was just a couple of inches from the glistening head of Jimmy's dick and her lips had a thin sheen of oil, like his dick had already been in her mouth once or twice. Jimmy had his hands in her bra and was rolling her nipples between his fingers, while his eyes were closed and his breathing came in ragged gasps. It was pretty obvious that he wouldn't be able to hold on to his load much longer.

For her part, Ann began to urge me to fuck her tits, saying "fuck my titties, fuck my little titties hard!" I did my best, but was distracted by her long stiff nipples, which were all out of proportion to her tiny breasts. Finally I grabbed her erect and slippery nipples and firmly twisted her to the side, directing her to grab my cock and give it a proper workout. From her new position she could see Jimmy, who had surrendered himself completely to Jill's assault on his cock and wasn't even trying to hold back any more.

Ann grabbed my cock in both of her fists and began to whimper as she slammed her hands back and forth over the length of my stiff cock. At last, I felt the stirrings of cum deep within my scrotum, but I was sure that Jill would finish Jimmy off before I had to let my cum fly.

Still steering her slim body by twisting and pulling on her oil-slickened nipples, I turned Ann to where Jill was giving Jimmy the wank of a lifetime. As I did so, I said to Ann "look at what the jack-master is doing to your husband. He can't last much longer." Maybe it was in response, I don't know, but all three of them simultaneously moaned upon hearing my pronouncement.

Just then Jill ducked her head and parted her soft lips, quickly taking the head of Jimmy's cock into her mouth. His eyes popped open as he saw her looking up at him and slipping her head off his dick, just as she slammed both fists down the length of his shaft and squeezed. Jimmy arched his back and shot straight into my wife's face. Once, twice, and a third time before Jill turned in our direction and announced "you win, Stevie! The Jack-Master, has whipped another one!"

Hearing that, I pulled Ann close and gripped her slim chest in my hands moving her slippery titties rapidly up and down the length of my shaft, pulling her into my cock and using her whole body to stimulate my dick.

By now Jim and Jill were watching us and I could hear Jimmy mutter "Jesus" as I worked my smooth and slick dick all over his wife's slippery chest. It took me a good five minutes, but I was determined to come while using Ann's little body to jack off.

When I finally did come Ann whimpered quietly and rolled away as her hands went protectively to her breasts and swollen nipples.

I could see that Jimmy was stirring again, old waman xxxgx and I never went soft. We were ready to go again! Jimmy got off twice more that night, I came 5 times and Ann came a few times. Jill, I think, lost count but stayed awake long enough to help me shave Jimmy's pubes when he finally passed out.

Good times!